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Can I schedule family dental appointments?

Trying to juggle dental appointments to accommodate your family’s oral health needs can be a nightmare. You have your schedule to work around as well as your kids’ sports activities or music lessons. How can you ever find a way to make it work and still keep up with all your obligations?

The answer is family dental appointments at Lakewood Dental Trails. Scheduling treatment for your all family members at one time simplifies your life and gives you and your children access to quality dentistry. Schedule one family appointment that fits everyone’s schedule, and that’s it!

We know there are a lot of obstacles that make it tempting to put off dental care, but we don’t want lack of convenient scheduling to be one of them. You’re already responsible for helping your children maintain healthy oral habits at home, so we support your at-home efforts with convenient, quality dental care.

You can also schedule a family appointment at our second office, Temple Dental Trails. Two locations give you even more options for scheduling appointments that fit your family’s needs.

Would you like to schedule a family dental appointment at our Temple, TX dental office? Please call us at (254)-206-3200.

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