Dental Implant Restorations

The first step when getting a dental implant is to place the implant post surgically in your jaw and allow it to heal for several months. When healing is complete, our Temple, TX dentists restore the function of the appearance by attaching a dental restoration like a dental crown, bridge, or full or partial denture. 

A Natural-Looking Tooth Replacement

There is a certain amount of artistry in restorative dentistry and a lot of advanced technology involved in the creation of your implant restoration. The objective is to craft a replacement that closely matches the shape and color of your natural tooth. Your implant restoration, or the crown portion of your implant, will be mounted on a titanium implant that secured to the jaw bone.

Before placing the crown, we allow time for the implant to fuse, so that it becomes a part of the bone itself. We refer to this process as osseointegration. Our Temple, TX dentist will insert a temporary crown to protect the implant and fill in your smile while the implant fuses to the bone. This process ensures that your implant is exceptionally secure and will prevent the bone from shrinking.

When your dental implant restoration is ready to be applied, we will create an abutment to which we attach your crown, bridge, or denture. All the work from beginning to end will be done in-house by your Lakewood dental team.

Ensuring the Success of Your Dental Implant

Your Lakewood Dental Trails team takes careful measures every step of the way to ensure that your dental implant is successful. Our experienced dentists start by assessing the bone quality and density of the implant area before placing the implant. They use world-class cone beam technology to determine the precise placement of your implant post. This results in an efficient, straightforward procedure and better long-term outcomes.

Fusing the implant with your jaw bone s a critical part of the implant procedure. The implant post must have adequate time for full osseointegration to occur.

We Repair Dental Implants 

Occasionally, a dental implant can be damaged or broken from excessive stress. When this occurs, it is usually due to biting down on a very hard object. If this happens to you, don’t panic. Try to collect all the parts of the implant that you can. If you have swallowed part of it, it will pass through your digestive system safely.

Call to schedule a dental appointment, so we can create a new implant crown for you and provide a temporary to wear while the new one is being made. Rarely, a failure of the implant itself can occur and may be due to insufficient bone or poor bone quality.

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