Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is an often feared and misunderstood treatment that saves an infected tooth from extraction. At Lakewood Dental Trails, we understand that you may be nervous about an upcoming root canal, but your comfort is of the utmost importance to us.

If you are scheduled for root canal therapy at our Temple, TX dental office, you can relax knowing that you will not experience any pain and will benefit greatly from the treatment.

We're pleased to offer sedation dentistry if you feel you could benefit from additional relaxation. If you're anxious about the procedure, speak with our Lakewood Dental team to determine which type of sedation would be best for you. Whether or not you opt for sedation, we will administer a local anesthetic to alleviate any discomfort before we start your root canal treatment.

Why We Perform Root Canals

The pulp area deep inside your tooth is soft tissue that contains material like blood vessels and nerves that keeps your tooth healthy and alive. Inflammation or infection can cause excruciating pain because of the nerves in the pulp tissue.

When your endodontist performs root canal therapy, a small hole is drilled in the affected tooth to access the infection. The purpose is to remove the infected pulp from inside your tooth, which saves the tooth. This process leaves a hollow area that our dentists fill with a soft rubber-like material to seal the tooth root. Our dentists then protect the tooth with a material designed to prevent future infection.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth

Unfortunately, the thing about root canals that most people remember is the pain they had before their treatment began. But a root canal eliminates the discomfort of infection and an abscess because we clear out the infected pulp.

We would recommend a root canal in several instances, including gum disease, a damaged tooth, a lost filling, or cracked teeth. We can treat any condition that allows the infection or inflammation to develop inside a tooth with root canal therapy.

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The first symptom of a root canal infection is often intense pain. If you have a toothache that worsens over time, experience sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, or you notice a whitish bump on your gums, you may have an infected tooth.

The Lakewood Dental Trails team is made up of experienced dentistry professionals with a complement of disciplines that allow us to offer a full suite of dental services in one location. We can perform all your general dentistry, endodontics, and periodontal therapy here under one roof

Whatever you need for optimal oral health, Lakewood Dental will do it for you with compassion and expertise. Contact our Temple, TX dental office today to schedule your consultation to learn about our painless root canals.