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Do you remove wisdom teeth?

At Lakewood Dental Trails, we are skilled at tooth extraction, including removing wisdom teeth.

The problem with wisdom teeth is that they often don't have room to come in at the correct angle, so they crowd adjacent teeth and threaten their health. When a wisdom tooth comes in, it can create pressure on those other teeth, forcing them out of alignment and even damaging them in the process. In many cases, wisdom teeth don’t erupt at all, and become stuck or impacted in the gums.

We don’t need the function of wisdom teeth anymore, and as we’ve evolved over thousands of years, our jaws have also gotten narrower. There’s rarely enough space in the mouth to accommodate wisdom teeth, also called third molars.

You can be confident that if you need a wisdom tooth removed in Temple, TX, our dental care team will make your procedure as smooth and comfortable as possible. Extracting a wisdom tooth usually isn’t complicated at all and is performed under local anesthetic. However, for our nervous patients, we’re pleased to offer sedation dentistry to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident about your procedure.

Even if you’re not experiencing problems with your wisdom teeth, it may be best to remove them before they do. Please call Lakewood Dental Trails so we can provide the comfortable expert care you need.

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