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I have chipped and broken teeth. Can cosmetic dentistry help?

Patients with chipped and broken teeth in Temple, TX may think they have a major dental problem, but they’re really fairly easy to resolve. In fact, depending on the location and extent of tooth damage, we have three cosmetic dental options to choose from:

  • Dental bonding
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Porcelain dental crowns

Of the three, dental bonding is the most conservative and affordable. It’s also versatile and can improve the appearance of other smile flaws. These include gapped teeth, teeth that appear too short or too small, or minor shape and size discrepancies.

Porcelain dental veneers can also address chipped and broken teeth, but the procedure for getting them is irreversible. For this reason, we usually recommend them for more complex smile flaws or a dramatic smile makeover.

If you have a poorly shaped or discolored tooth in the back of your mouth, we might recommend a dental crown. The crown conceals the tooth and also adds strength so it can withstand daily wear and tear.

At Lakewood Dental Trails, we want to provide you with as many options as we can to help you accomplish your smile goals. Our dental care team helps patients with all sorts of budgets and lifestyles make a healthy smile a reality. Whether you have a single chipped tooth or have several cosmetic flaws you’d like to address, we’ll personalize a treatment plan to make it happen.

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