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Family Dental Visits – Intentional Time Together

January 5, 2017
Posted By: Lakewood Dental Trails

Families are one of the greatest gifts given to us. Spending time with your family has become a gift that rarely happens nowadays. Long hours of work for parents, sports for kids, and the busyness of life for everyone can pull the family apart. No one ever intends to drift away from family time, it usually just happens.

We need to find ways to be more intentional with our family time, or it will become a thing of the past for each of us. Setting intentions for family time requires a little bit of work and planning, but it's worth it. The old saying says "Families that play together stay together." However, it's not just the playtime that's important to family time. Planning in intentional family time helps with bonding.

Intentional family time can be built around times and commitments that you already have. You don't need to fabricate some trip or elaborate vacation to incorporate time with your family into your schedule. Being intentional about family time can be as simple as sharing a meal together and making a commitment to dine together with no electronic screens present to promote conversation.

Did you know that you could incorporate family time into your dental care as well? Lakewood Dental Trails cares about your family. They offer family block dental appointments so your entire family can take care of all of their dental needs together. Your family will be able to bond together with a goal toward dental health, and maybe even incorporate a little family ice cream outing afterward for a good dental visit.

Come see the difference Lakewood Dental Trails can make on your family's dental health.

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