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The Dog Days Of Summer And Foods That Will Help You Survive!

August 11, 2017
Posted By: Lakewood Dental Trails

How are you surviving the Dog Days of summer here in Texas? It’s been hot, hasn’t it? What are your tricks for keeping cool in the Texas heat? We hope drinking lots of water is on your list. A loose and light wardrobe this time of year is helpful too.

Did you ever consider foods you can eat that will promote a lighter feeling during these hot days as well? Food options such as casseroles, soups and heavy meals seem to just add to the level of body heat that we’re all trying to avoid. A good salad seems to be the answer to a light and fresh diet that satisfies your hunger and keeps you feeling cool.

There are certain items you can add to your salad this summer that will promote your dental health. For a sweet salad try combining spinach, strawberries, and almonds for a fresh, sweet and light delight. The spinach offers your teeth’s enamel a boost with its high calcium content. The almonds are filled with fiber, folic acid, and calcium for your teeth and gums. The beautiful red Texas strawberries will add a splash of color to your salad, and their malic acids will offer you a natural teeth whitener.

For a more savory salad that will promote your dental health, why not combine tomatoes, cucumbers and goat cheese splashed with a touch of olive oil? The tomatoes and cucumbers are harvested in Texas during this time, so enjoy one straight from your garden or a local farmer’s garden. Not only does the term “Cool as a cucumber” imply that it will offer a cool bite for you, but it also offer your gums and teeth a massage with its soft dietary fiber content. While tomatoes are known for their acidity, when you combine it with the goat cheese it can minimize the acid that you get from them, and they provide a beautiful balance.

Why not book your family’s regular checkup and cleaning with us at Lakewood Dental Trails during these Dog Days. We offer a cool, relaxing and calming environment for you to ensure you’re maintaining your healthy smile and dental health!

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