Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions may be necessary at times to control decay or infection, to prepare the mouth for a denture or to facilitate an orthodontic treatment. When extraction of a tooth becomes necessary, our dental team is sympathetic to your apprehension and will perform the treatment gently and smoothly to alleviate your anxiety. If you prefer, we can provide sedation to help you stay relaxed during the extraction.

We believe in doing everything possible to save a damaged tooth with general dentistry. Our top priority is always to do what we can to preserve your natural teeth before considering other alternatives. When that is not possible, a tooth extraction may be necessary. If a tooth is too damaged or decayed to salvage, for the preservation of your overall oral health, a tooth extraction can prevent further problems. Don’t worry; we have excellent solutions for missing teeth to restore your brilliant smile.

If a tooth is loose or there is significant bone loss or gum disease in the area, it may necessitate extraction. Rest assured that your Lakewood Dental Trails team has the expertise to do what is necessary to save a salvageable tooth or to see that an extracted tooth is replaced with a beautiful substitute.

Gentle and Sensitive Dental Treatment

Your comfort is as important to us as your oral health. We ensure that each patient has a relaxing and soothing environment throughout their dental treatments. Our approach to dentistry is to make it a positive experience, which will keep you coming back for the best quality dental care and the best smile possible.

Our caring dental team will put you and your whole family at ease on every visit. We have scented towels, pillows, blankets for comfort, flat screen TVs at each chair for watching your favorite programs, a beverage bar, music, and video games available. If you or a family member need a tooth extraction, contact Lakewood Dental Trails today schedule an appointment.