Convenient Scheduling!

One of the biggest obstacles to getting quality dental care for most families is simply fitting it into a busy schedule. Lakewood Dental Trails is sensitive to that, and that is why we have arranged our office hours to provide you convenient scheduling options.

We understand the difficulties in coordinating your busy schedule. Too often, the average family in Temple has been forced to put their dental care on a back burner. This is due to a lack of spare time to schedule appointments for each family member. That is a choice that we at Lakewood believe no family should have to make.

To make scheduling easier for our Temple neighbors, we are available for extended hours throughout the work week. We offer Saturday scheduling and are flexible enough to allow for unplanned urgent visits when you just cannot wait for a scheduled appointment.

If you have a dental condition that requires urgent care, or are injured and need to be treated quickly, Lakewood Dental Trails offers emergency service. We will provide you with expedited emergency care for cracked, chipped or missing teeth, injuries, lost crowns, and other urgent circumstances.

Family Block Dental Appointments

Scheduling errands is a tough job on a good day for the average head of household. When you have multiple family members, each with their own dental care needs, coordinating dentist visits can be a nightmare. How are you expected to arrange an appointment for each individual family member and make room in your own schedule for all those separate trips to your dentist?

The solution: Lakewood Dental Trails offers family block appointments for the busy family. Now you can block off a single time for all your family to visit us together. Save time, gas, and stress by arranging for one visit to Lakewood for your entire family. We are committed to simplifying your life to make your dental health a priority. Contact our office today to schedule a family dental appointment.