Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is an often feared and misunderstood general dentistry treatment for infected teeth. At Lakewood Dental Trails, your comfort is of the utmost importance to us. If you are scheduled for root canal therapy, you can relax in the knowledge that you will not experience any pain and will benefit greatly from the therapy.

We offer sedation dentistry for patients who can benefit from additional relaxation. Speak with your Lakewood Dental team to determine which treatment is best for you. You will, in any case, be given a local anesthetic to alleviate any discomfort before a small hole is drilled in the affected tooth to facilitate cleaning. The hole will be refilled with a soft rubber-like material to seal your tooth root.

The pulp is soft tissue that helps a healthy tooth to grow. Inflammation or infection can cause pain because of these nerves in the pulp tissue. When your endodontist performs root canal therapy, the purpose is to remove infected pulp from inside the tooth, then seal it back up with a material designed to prevent future infection.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

A root canal will alleviate the pain of infection and an abscess by clearing out the infected pulp. Root canals are necessary for several conditions including gum disease, a damaged tooth, a lost filling, or cracked teeth. Any condition that may allow infection or inflammation to develop inside a tooth can be treated with root canal therapy.

The Lakewood Dental Trails team is comprised of experienced dentistry professionals with a complement of disciplines that allow us to offer a full suite of dental services in one location. Your general dentistry treatments, endodontics and periodontal therapy can all be done under one roof. Whatever you need for optimal oral health, Lakewood Dental will do it for you with compassion and expertise. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation about painless root canals.