Children’s Dentistry

At Lakewood Dental Trails, we love kids! One of our greatest pleasures as dental professionals is getting children as excited about their dental care as we are. You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing your kids are receiving gentle and experienced care. Our entire staff is dedicated to ensuring we provide a comforting environment for your whole family.

We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to dentistry. We recognize that every patient is different, and responds to oral care differently. Our dentists will adapt to your child’s needs and make sure that he or she gets the best treatment available.

Children’s Dentistry is more than just a term indicating that we welcome young patients. It is a commitment to helping children appreciate dental care and be willing participants in maintaining their oral health. Children are still growing, and their teeth are still forming. These early stages of growth are important to their future dental health. If we can make it fun to care for their teeth, the rewards will be great for all of us.

Children’s Dentistry Temple TX

We Love Your Kids!

The moment you walk into our office, you will find that we are dedicated to the little people. We provide video games and flat screen TVs for entertainment, a children’s play area for amusement, and amenities to make them comfortable during treatments. We provide pillows and blankets and scented towels for relaxation.

Our office also schedules family appointments for your convenience. You can arrange all your family’s office visits in one trip to our office. Save time, save gas, and avoid the hassle of repeated trips for individual appointments.

From your child’s first teeth and throughout their young lives, Lakewood Dental Trails is here to keep their teeth healthy and keep a smile on their face. We will develop a care plan with you that will address all your concerns and achieve all your desires for you and your child. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for your child or children.