Dental Implants

Missing teeth can do more than spoil an otherwise great smile. They can put your other teeth at risk. Your smile depends on each tooth supporting its neighboring teeth and forming a natural barrier to bacteria. When a tooth loosens, or comes out, surrounding teeth can become loose or slanted.

We want you to have all the benefits of advanced dentistry available. Our office provides state-of-the-art restoration dentistry treatments including dental implants. Our dental implants are durable, natural-looking replacement teeth that are firmly anchored in place with titanium posts placed into your jaw bone.

If you have a missing tooth or one that needs to be removed and replaced, we will create an impression of your teeth to create a replacement crown. It will look and function just like the real thing. While your permanent crown is being made, you will have a temporary crown to hold its place and protect your implant.

Excellence in Implant Dentistry

Your Lakewood dental team includes experience and expertise in all areas of dentistry. We are always working to improve our skills and take advantage of the most advanced technology available. Our implant dentistry is second to none. You can be confident that your dental implant will be of the highest quality and blend perfectly with your natural teeth.

Dental implants are an excellent solution for replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth. Implants will prevent your teeth from coming out of alignment. Implants also prevent the deterioration of bone tissue, which occurs when there is no tooth present to support.

Your dental care team at Lakewood will explain each step of the process to you thoroughly and answer any questions you may have about your dental implant treatment. You can feel confident that your dental implant procedure will be done gently and quickly, and the implant will last for many years. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.