The Answers to Some of the Common Questions About Oral Health in Temple, TX

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Many people desire to achieve a healthy body. Who doesn’t like to live a disease-free life, anyway? But this is what everyone should take note: The overall oral health has a significant link to dental health. They both go along together. When one is harmed, the other is at risk as well. Since the mouth serves as an entryway towards the body, keeping it in better condition is a must.

Let us at Lakewood Dental Trails guide you with all your dental health needs! We have different dental services offered in our clinic which can benefit the mouth, teeth, and gums. But aside from providing only the best treatments, we also want to give instructions and spread oral health awareness to everyone. We believe that by answering the frequently asked questions of people regarding dental health, we will be able to help you attain excellent oral health that you always deserve.


FAQs About Oral Health

Why seeing the dentist twice a year for dental exams is important?

Dental professionals recommend dental checkups every six months because they knew how an undetected oral problem could place great havoc to the overall oral health. Through routine dental examinations, early diagnosis and treatments are possible. And when a dental issue is fixed on time, it will not have the chance to progress and affect the other oral structures.

What are the common dental troubles that need immediate professional assistance?

Some of the conditions that people typically experienced include teeth sensitivity, mouth sores, and bleeding gums. We advised seeing us right away if any of the mentioned problems are noticed. Also, seeking the dentist’s help when jaw pain, dry mouth, broken teeth, bad breath, and swelling of the gums get in the way is ideal.

Is it essential to floss?

Yes. Flossing is as vital as brushing. It helps remove trapped particles in between the spaces of the teeth and under the gum area too.

What are the suggested oral care products to use?

For flosses, any type will do. Whether it’s waxed or unwaxed, both can help eliminate food debris well as long as the person performs the right flossing techniques. For toothbrushes, choosing those with soft bristles is always a good idea. Hard-bristled brushes can aggravate bleeding gums and gum recession. When picking a toothpaste to incorporate with your brushing routine, consider those with fluoride content and ADA seal.

The mouth, teeth, and gums may be little, but they absolutely need big care like the other parts of the body. We are positive that proper oral hygiene at home along with regular dental visit can bring impressive benefits to dental health. Never neglect both.

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