Orthodontics - More Than A Straighter Smile

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Temple TX Adult BracesWhile most patients want braces to improve the look of their smile, orthodontics from Lakewood Dental Trails can do so much more! It might surprise you, but a straighter smile can improve your dental health - and impact your overall health, too!

A Healthier Smile
Let's talk dental health, first. When your teeth are crowded, it's hard to properly clean all the nooks and crannies of your smile. Without orthodontic therapy you...

  • Run a higher risk for cavities
  • Can experience premature wear and tear on your dental enamel
  • Are more likely to develop gum disease

In fact, many periodontal patients turn to orthodontics to ultimately treat their gum disease issues.

Do You Suffer From Headaches?
When you have a dental imbalance, it can affect your quality of life - especially if you're a migraine sufferer. Rather than frequently popping aspirin, you might need to visit Dr. Rich for an orthodontic consultation. Misaligned teeth often cause a misaligned bite, which puts strain on your jaw muscles. In turn, that jaw discomfort can lead to neck and shoulder pain, resulting in frequent migraines.

Prevent Tooth Loss
Did you know that orthodontics can protect your smile from injury or tooth loss? Teeth that are misaligned and protrude are more susceptible to being broken, chipped, or knocked out when playing sports or in any type of accident. By gently guiding teeth into their optimal position, they're better protected against an aggressive defense block or a bad fall.

Enjoy The Benefits
Ready to have a healthier and more attractive smile? Call Lakewood Dental Trails and ask about Invisalign aligners or 6 Month Smile orthodontics!

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