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In today’s generation where having great selfies are pretty much everything, it’s always good to maintain a camera-ready smile. While celebrities often are the most envied individuals when it comes to the looks, you don’t have to be with them on the spotlight to flash a bright grin. The secret? Follow these steps that we at Lakewood Dental Trails listed down to get a picture-perfect smile worthy to be flaunted even on Instagram!

Don’t Fake It, Make It.

Looking fake is not attractive - not even in photos too. To look natural when it’s picture-taking time, start smiling gently. Doing so will make your face appear relaxed. Your mouth should open a bit, allowing the lower lip complement your upper teeth’ curve. Avoid producing a quick smile that you portray every time you see an old friend where eyes are partly closed, and your neck muscles tend to tense as it might look awkward in photographs.

Maintain Good Posture.

Smiling often causes one to create a double chin. When this happens, there might be a problem to someone’s posture. Slouching might impact how the smile looks. Instead of bending your head forward, turn it slightly and allow your chin to drop to get rid of a “Spongebob Squarepants face” on cam.

Pick the Right Lipstick Shade.

When choosing a lipstick, consider the ones that work with your skin tone. Sometimes, the lip color plays a vital role in making the teeth appear white. Opt for cherry red, wine, berry, plum, or rosy pink shades as they might counteract the yellow teeth. Having a white smile is indeed appealing both in person and in pictures. At Lakewood Dental Trails we provide Teeth Whitening treatment for a beautiful pearly-whites that last!

Want Perfection? Work It Out.

The cliche “practice makes perfect” is applicable for the smile too. Smile perfection might not happen in an instant. However, by putting effort to practice especially if you are expecting a big event that requires taking loads of photos such as during a wedding or graduation, it can be achieved.

In some cases, a camera-ready smile sometimes calls for a few behind the scenes preparation of your gums and teeth. Do not forget to take care of your oral health as it is the backbone of your smile success!

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