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As its name implies, Six Month Smiles works to straighten the teeth in as little as six months. This statement alone can be music to one’s ears. How much more if they found out that it also eliminates the usual hassles of the traditional approach! It may seem that the procedure is one of the most in-demand treatments today. However, there are others who are quite unfamiliar with Six Month Smiles.

At Lakewood Dental Trails, we want our patients to get the best treatment for their needs. In terms of orthodontic treatment, we offer options such as Invisalign clear aligners and Six Month Smiles clear braces. We can perform either of the treatment depending on the choice of our patients, to help them choose here are the most common questions about Six Month Smiles!

Does the treatment last for only six months?

Teeth straightening is typically achieved in six months; however, it may also vary depending on the condition of the patient. To get a clearer view of things, asking the dentist beforehand can help in setting up proper expectations.

How can the teeth be straightened quickly?

It uses the latest dental techniques and technology to move the teeth effectively. The procedure uses a special nickel-titanium wire that focuses on the teeth that show when smiling. Despite its fast results, patients are assured that their safety and comfort is still in mind.

Are retainers still required after the procedure?

Yes. Post-orthodontic shifting or orthodontic relapse may occur after the removal of braces. Retainers are essential after the use of an orthodontic appliance to keep the teeth on its proper position.

What makes Six Month Smiles ideal compared to metal braces?

Six Month Smiles offers a more discreet option for patients by using clear and tooth-colored materials. It makes the appliance look more pleasing, therefore, gaining the favor of most patients who are worried about their aesthetics. Metal braces straighten the teeth for years, while the other treatment can achieve it in lesser time.

Will the procedure cause pain?

Many may think that Six Month Smiles works faster since it is much tighter than metal braces. The procedure has minor discomfort compared to its metal counterpart. The brackets and wires are fitted more closely to the teeth; therefore there is lesser irritation on the soft tissues on the mouth.

If you want to own a straighter and healthier smile, then Lakewood Dental Trails is here for you. Check out our amazing services under Orthodontics in Temple, TX! You can also visit us at  10252 W Adams Ave #101, Temple, TX 76502.

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