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Many parents think that it is okay to ignore baby teeth since they are supposed to fall out anyway. However, we at Lakewood Dental Trails encourage them to drop this practice for a good reason. Although the purpose of these teeth is short-lived, do know that they are just as important as any permanent structures in the mouth.

When a child is born, many thought that they are toothless. But the truth is, their 20 primary teeth are already in the jaw waiting to erupt. That is why it is essential for parents to follow the advice of dental professionals which is to clean their baby’s gums. There may be no teeth present above the gums yet, but since they are already underneath, oral health care should already start. Parents should wipe the baby’s gums using a clean, damp cloth to get rid of plaque and other harmful accumulations. If these are left uneliminated, they can cause harm to the erupted teeth.


Reasons Why Primary Teeth Matter

Helps with their proper health and nutrition

Even adults know that teeth help with eating. The pain felt during this activity can cause them to eat less; the same goes to babies. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lack of proper nutrition needed for their growth and development. Unattended cavities may cause problems not just to the oral health but their general wellness as well.

They help with the alignment and positioning of the teeth

These teeth will guide the eruption of the adult chompers by saving them some spaces on the jaw. In cases where a primary tooth is prematurely lost, the permanent teeth tend to drift on this space instead of going to their correct position.

Development of speech and facial structure

The cheeks, tongue, and teeth all work together to produce sound when speaking. Compromising any of them could result in problems in the pronunciation and proper speech development that children can carry until they mature. It can also affect the structures that are supposed to support the muscles which give their face its shape.

Help build their self-esteem and concentration

Pain can cause anyone to pay less attention to other things; for children, it is their school activities. If a child is suffering from cavities, it can affect their social relationship with others. But if their teeth are secured, not only will they do better at school, but they also became more confident when with their friends.

Everyone can only have two sets of teeth for their lifetime. Once the first set is compromised, the last set is more likely to suffer as well. Secure your child’s teeth by teaching them the right oral health care practices and by bringing them to our practice!

Let us at Lakewood Dental Trails help you secure your child’s overall wellness. Call or visit us to book an appointment for our Children’s Dentistry services in Temple, TX! Our team is committed to making their experience as pleasant and effective as possible.

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