What It Really Feels like to Live with Invisalign? - Temple, TX

Feb 01, 2019

Posted on Behalf of Lakewood Dental Trails

Your investment with Invisalign requires great commitment, but the result is definitely worth your effort. Continue reading here to know more!

What You Should Know About Gingivitis in Temple, TX

Jan 01, 2019

Posted on Behalf of Lakewood Dental Trails

Many people fear gingivitis as it is considered a “gateway” condition that gives other complications a chance to develop quickly. Know more here!

Porcelain Veneers in Temple, TX: What Are the Common Misconceptions About It?

Dec 01, 2018

Posted on Behalf of Lakewood Dental Trails

Along with the popularity of porcelain veneers are those misconceptions that leave people having a second thought about the procedure. Know more here!

Frequently Asked Questions About Six Month Smiles - Temple, TX

Nov 01, 2018

Posted on Behalf of Lakewood Dental Trails

A clear orthodontic treatment that eliminates the hassles of metal braces. Six Month Smiles got you covered! Know more about the treatment here!

How to Achieve a Nice Smile on Pictures - Temple, TX

Oct 01, 2018

Posted on Behalf of Lakewood Dental Trails

In today’s generation where having great selfies are pretty much everything, it’s always good to maintain a camera-ready smile. While celebrities often are the most envied individuals when it comes to the looks, you don’t have to be with them on the spotlight to flash a bright grin.

How to Keep the Teeth Healthy and Clean this Back-To-School Season in Temple, TX

Sep 03, 2018

Posted on Behalf of Lakewood Dental Trails

For students, it might be difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene when at school. The busy schedules make it inconvenient for them to perform a good oral care routine. However, one must not compromise in terms of giving dental health the right care. Here are simple yet effective dental care tips.

Everything You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal - Temple, TX

Aug 31, 2018

Posted on Behalf of Lakewood Dental Trails

Wisdom Tooth is part of the third and final set of molars located on each side of the upper and lower jaws. It usually comes out during late teens age or early twenties, an adult can have a maximum of 4 wisdom tooth but lesser in some cases. These are valuable assets to the mouth when properly taken cared for, healthy and aligned but if contrariwise might result in oral issues so, it is better to be removed.

Truth Be Told: Facts About Your Teeth That Will Blow Your Mind in Temple, TX

Aug 01, 2018

Posted on Behalf of Lakewood Dental Trails

Our teeth are commonly known for its function in helping us chew and bite food correctly and efficiently. Aside from it being one of the most important parts of our digestive system, it is also one of the best features that make up our physical appearance. However, there are still some remarkable things that we did not know about our teeth. Read the full post here:,-tx.html

Restore Your Smile With Dentistry in Temple, TX

Jun 05, 2018

Posted on Behalf of Lakewood Dental Trails

Having a great smile is for everyone to enjoy; it can also boost a person’s morale. But there are instances where some people suffer from dental complications that results in missing teeth. Missing teeth can compromise a person’s bone and facial structure making them more self-conscious and even lose confidence. Not only that, other dental complications can be caused by missing teeth which can affect a person’s dental health and even their overall health. Lakewood Dental Trails wants their patients to achieve their best smiles that is why they offer several treatments under their Restorative Dentistry Service to put the smile back on their patient's faces.

Perfecting Your Smile With Orthodontics in Temple, TX

May 31, 2018

Posted on Behalf of Lakewood Dental Trails

A smile is a wonderful asset that improves the wearers mood, attitude, appearance, and even brighten other people’s day. Having a perfect and beautiful smile can affect a person’s overall attitude, and it is also essential for daily human interaction. That is why some people go extra miles to achieve straighter and brighter teeth with the help of dentistry. Lakewood Dental Trails knows how important a smile is for everyone’s physical and mental well-being that is why they offer Orthodontic solutions to help patients achieve a perfect smile.

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