Your Comfort is Important to Us

At Lakewood Dental Trails, your care begins with comfort. We do our utmost to put every patient at ease by creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. Our dentist office in Temple is designed and equipped to make your dental care an experience to look forward to. We have a wide assortment of amenities for your comfort.

flat screen TV
video games
play area
beverage bar
blankets, pillows

At every chair, as well as in the guest area, you will find flat screen TVs to enjoy your favorite programs during your visit. Music is available for a soothing atmosphere to accompany your dental care.

We want your kids to associate dental health with fun. The more enjoyable we can make the experience, the more your child will look forward to coming back. So, for kids of all ages, we provide video games to pass the time. Our office has a separate play area for your children to explore as well.

Enjoy refreshments at our beverage bar. To keep you soothed and cozy during your visit, we have blankets, pillows, and scented towels available. Take advantage of all the creature comforts we have to offer and enjoy your visit!

Scented towels, blanktes and neck pillow.


We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the dental care you deserve. We understand that it can be a challenge to make time for your treatment and have room in your budget. That is why Lakewood Dental Trails offers convenient family scheduling and financing options.

You can schedule your whole family’s visit in one block of time at Lakewood. No need to arrange separate visits and make multiple trips to our office. Everyone can come in together.

For our patients who are uninsured or underinsured, we have financing options to choose from: My Smile Dental Plan™ and Smile Generation® Financial will give you the flexibility you need to make your dental care affordable. Contact Lakewood Dental Trails today to schedule an appointment for your entire family.